Membership Purposes

Your involvement is vital in sustaining LACA’s membership purposes. The beginning of this new decade, 2010, is a good time to make a positive difference and be of service to our alma mater, Lana’i High and Elementary School and our hometown, Lana’i City. Due to the economic slump, scholarships, awards and grants for the school year 2009 -2010 have been reduced. Hopefully, the original fundings can be reinstated next year pending our financial support. May we count on your involvement in carrying out the following purposes?

To promote fellowship among the alumni and the community members.

  • Attend the Annual Membership Social, April 10, 2010, Pearl Country Club on Oahu.
  • Sign up for the LACA Las Vegas Connection for October 9, 2010, at the Cal.
  • Reconnect throughout the year at class reunions, ohana and community events.
  • Participate in the annual Lana’i Invitational Golf Tournament at Olomana in August.
  • To provide college scholarships to deserving graduates of Lana’i High and Elem.School.

Your generosity will be appreciated.
Tax deductible donations made payable to the Public Schools of Hawaii (PSHF) with the footnote in the left hand corner of the check: for LACA Damian Vocational Scholarship will also be awarded. Not available for 2009 – 2010 is the $1,000 LACA Vocational Scholarship.

To honor the students of LHES for outstanding school or community services.
When donations rebound, the $300 Kiyoshi Minami Student Award for School or Community Service will be available.

To keep in touch with former schoolmates and friends in the community
Members can get an update on Lanaians through:

  • The Lana’i Connection newsletter
  • E-Newsletter at
  • Archives and Photo Gallery at 1064 Sand Island Parkway.
  • LACA life time membership.
  • Volunteer to be on the Board of Directors and represent the general membership.

To promote and participate in the civic, industrial, recreational, educational, social, and cultural activities of the community.

  • Feb. 10 – Mar. 23: Participate in Foodland Shop for Higher Education and help earn a$2,000 scholarship for a LHS senior. Remember to designate Lana’i High and Elementary School as the recipient of your shopping points.
  • May 21: Lana’i High School Awards Assembly.
  • May 22: Lana’i High School Commencement, 2:00 p.m., gym.
  • On Lana’i, stop by and visit the Lana’i Culture and Heritage Center.

To support specially deserving student activities and class projects and deserving faculty activities.
In addition to contributions made to PSHF, non-deductible contributions made out to LACA will pay for the association’s operational expenses and surplus money would be available as discretionary fund for LHES. Pending submittal of required documentation from Lana’i High School, $1,500 has been budgeted for the Kiyoshi Minami Student Activity/Class Project Grant.

To honor the members of the Association for outstanding services to the school or the community.
An inscribed LACA Distinguished Member Award plaque is presented to the recipient at the Annual Membership Social of which he/she is a special guest at the function.

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