Happy New Year 2012!

by Suzanne Damian

I’d like to thank all who participated in 2011 LACA Las Vegas. Thanks to the Pagays for the beautiful quilt, Miss Fukuda for her generous monetary gift, David Lebby (California Hotel V.P. & General Manager) for the annual donation of the 1st grand prize (5-day stay at Boyd properties which Tony Sanchez won) and dinner for two at Pasta Pirate. Pictures of Lanai City and Sweetheart Island donated by Suzanne Damian, favors donated by Judy Nitura (Jerky Shop 3rd St.), pineapples and candies by yours truly.

The Ninth Isle Serenaders (Kimo Wong, Joe Binabese & Roy Rapanal) provided the music. A total of 75 guests attended including the class of ’61 (19) celebrating their 50th reunion. Thanks to Gerald Sakamura (contact person) who co-chaired their program on the 16th floor on October 1, 2011. There were plenty food, good music and lots of long-time friends.

Thanks to all the Blazing 7’s machines which contributed to my LACA award and yearly scholarship. The year 2011 was a good year for me. I won two free trips thanks to Channel 2 Vacation Hawaii Morning Shows.

Thank you, LACA members, for the support you’ve given me whether to the scholarships or operational expenses all these years. We have over 1,000 members and I wish everyone could give at least $5 or $10 annually. We, on the board of directors, do not get paid. We volunteer our time and many hours planning every year to make LACA work. Please kokua.

This will be my last chairmanship of LACA Las Vegas. I’ve enjoyed all the years going to Las Vegas, donating my time, meeting new friends, old friends and the wonderful people in Vegas. Vegas has been my second home and I never tire of traveling. This past year brought me to Vegas January, March, October and December. I had fun shopping, exploring new casinos, new restaurants, new machines and exploring new places.

As of January 5, 2012, classmate Martin Esteban (class of ’52) passed away 1/3/2012 and Ted Perez was hospitalized. Condolences to Edie Esteban and family of Hilo and get well to Ted of Las Vegas. I’d like to personally thank the BOD for all their kokua throughout the years. We hope we can get new members on board.

Remember our annual meeting on April 15, 2012 at Pearl Country Club. We need your donations and anything to offset LACA operational expenditures.

Please continue to support LACA and the BOD whether they’re on Maui, Lanai or Oahu. Next Vegas reunion well be held the 2nd weekend in October in 2013.

Thanks again to my Las Vegas co-chair Joy Enfield, California VP David Lebby, Executive Secretary Sandy Gres, Plaza Hotel executive casino host Nathan Young for 4-day complimentary stay and dinner for 6.

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