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The Historic Lana’i Jail

lanai-jailTHE HISTORIC LANA’I JAIL from Facebook posts (Sept 2016) that recall long ago events:

  • Frank Soriano: Mid 50s, a few CO60s boys did see the insides of it with their parents, Buddy, Collin, Sat, William, Vic S, Vic P, Frank and others… We almost destroyed the insides of a building behind the gym/old library.
  • John Kauwenaole: When I work MPD that one year I put one prisoner in that jail. Think had two rooms, cage was there yet. 1986.

Images of Lana’i

by Albert De Jetley

Fresh off the press is a new book called “Images of Lana’i” written and compiled by Lanaian writer, journalist, farmer, business woman Alberta De Jetley.  This book will evoke nostalgic memories of Lana’i past and present chronicled in photographs.

Folks may order by mail by sending your orders  to Lanai Today, P.O. Box 630601, Lanai, HI 96763.  The cost of the book is $21.99 with tax of 92 cents, totaling $22.91.  For more than one book, please add tax of 4.166% to the order.  No tax on the postage.  Postage for mailing one to three copies of it in a priority envelope is $5.75.  Please add the postage to the book total.

Alberta notes that “…If people want the book to have a personalized inscription with my autograph, please let me know the names of the people they want the books for…”

A Kokua Request to All LACA Members 
for the Lanai Academy of Performing Arts

By Alberta Morita De Jetley

As you may know, the State of Hawaii’s Department of Education (DOE) uses a weighted student formula to determine how much funding each school receives.  Small schools, especially K-12 schools in Hana and Lanai are always short of funding based on our student count to provide the teachers/custodians/administration the monetary help needed which results in the principals always scrambling to figure out how to manage what little money it receives.

We have been fortunate that Pulama Lanai, the company that runs Lanai for landowner Larry Ellison has given the school $340,000 this school year.  However, it is really the State’s responsibility to provide our school with the money needed for our students and teachers.

For example of how Pulama Lanai’s funding has helped this school year.  The Lanai High & Elementary School (LES) hired a teacher, Matt Glickstein, whose salary is totally funded by Pulama Lanai.  Matt teaches music to our students in all grade levels, working with about 300 students.  Also, he is the director of the Lanai Academy of Performing Arts (LAPA), an organization he started more than two years ago to produce performances by the LHES students.

To date, his performing students have done three plays, with the last being Annie, Jr.  One of the LHES classes in the past three years, also performed for the Dali Lama’s visit last year.  All in all, Matt is an exceptionally gifted teacher who has been able to draw out the very best in each child as witnessed in their outstanding performances.  When he first started working at the school, Matt was an Educational Assistant to our Special Education students. 

We have been told that Matt’s position will no longer be funded for the next school year.  LHES Principal Elton Kinoshita informed a group of concerned community residents that he can offer Matt Glickstein a part-time teacher’s position for the next year and continue his musical studies and activities with the students.

Thus, we are organizing a larger group to include other Lanaians to kokua and to raise the rest of the funds to keep Matt at a full-time salary.  We worked with Principal Kinoshita on that salary range.  Our target goal is $26,000 to augment Matt’s part-tme salary for a total of $40,000 for the next school year.

Presently, Matt’s wife, Kerri, is the school’s band teacher.  They are expecting their first child in June.  At this time, Kerri would like to be able to take a year’s family leave to stay home with their baby.  Both Kerri and Matt are an integral part of LHES and our community in their dedication to offer music opportunities to all of the students.  Without a full-time salary for Matt, we may lose both of them which would be a terrible loss to the school and community.

The board of directors for Tri-Isle Resource, Conservation, and Development Council is the receiving fiscal sponsor to help keep Matt Glickstein at LHES.  Please donate any amount to this effort to help LHES keep Matt Glickstein at a full-time salary for the next year.  The Tri-Isle Resource, Conservation, and Development Council, is a fully staffed non-profit organization which manages more than $10 million in grant monies from federal, state and county sources and private donors, for small organizations in Maui County with a few clients from Kauai and the Big Island. 

As a director on the Tri-Isle council, I am personally pledging $100 to kokua and I hope other LACA members will match my donation.  Please make your check payable to:  Tri-Isle RC&D and in the memo section of your checks, write it is for the Lanai Academy of Performing Arts or to the LAPA.  Please mail to P. O. Box 630601, Lanai City, HI 96763.

With aloha from Lanai, an alumni and concerned resident, Alberta Morita De Jetley

Disclaimer: This is a private request and LACA in no way obligates itself or its members.

2014 LHS Alumni Class Reunion and Pineapple Festival Weekend

By Juan Degamo

Traditionally held during the 4th of July / Pineapple Festival weekend since 2009, the LHS Alumni Class Reunion Weekend this year was attended by twelve (12) alumni classes all celebrating Lana’i’s rich plantation past. Classes who came HOME that weekend of July 4-6 were the class of 1964 (Celebrating 50 Years), 1967, 1970, 1972 (Celebrating turning 60), 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1980, 1982 (Celebrating turning 50), 1984 (Celebrating 30 Years), and 2004 (Celebrating 10 Years) were represented in full plantation pride in the 2014 Pineapple Festival’s “Plantation Parade” on Saturday July 5th around historic Dole Park. It was quite a sight to see as parade participants were dressed in pineapple picker garb wearing cover pants, arm guards, aprons, gloves, bandanas, straw hats, rubber boots, goggles, and water bottles looking like they all were on their way to the labor yard. Seeing people dressed in these pineapple picker work clothes brought back many fond memories of a bygone era of when pineapple was KING on Lana’i working in the pineapple fields in the summertime. Oh what memories what memories. Next year the 4th of July / Pineapple Festival / LHS Alumni Class Reunion weekend will be July 3-5, 2015.

Cheers for Molokai and Lanai High School

On January 29, 2014 a fundraiser was held to supplement the athletic transportation budgets for Molokai and Lanai High Schools. The street party was fully hosted with heavy pupu and cocktails by Murphy’s Bar and Grill and Hukilau throughout the evening from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Attendees helped themselves to savory island delicacies, beverages and also enjoyed lively top-notch entertainment.

Rallying to the call from the Downtown Athletic Club Hawaii was former LHS Alumni Les Tamashiro, Jacob Hueu and Ricky Tamashiro, pictured with Governor Neil Abercrombie.

Old Bowling Alley Building

By Myrtle Dalde Reponte

In the September 2013 edition, Lanai Today monthly news posted requests for feedback on what to do with the old bowling alley building in Dole Park on Lanai. I don’t believe that any plans have been firmed up yet, so it’s not too late to express your opinion.

I personally want to see the building remain in its present location, renovated and refurbished as close as possible to the bowling alley, pool hall, and snack bar during Dalde’s Enterprises operation. Also to consider additional lanes and automated pin-setting, of course. An added wing could even include a community center as it is used today displaying pictures of the plantation rolling fields of golden pineapples which we were all so proud of.

Not because I’m a Dalde girl, but more importantly, because the bowling alley was Lanai’s only source of daily recreation and gathering place to play, have a snack, meeting & greeting the seasonals, and just talk story. It was during plantation days when Lanai was as beautiful as it will ever be. It is so nostalgic of our good ol’ Lanai days during our era of golden pines.

Today’s population on Lanai consists of newcomers and the younger generation who never experienced any of this. They, no doubt, out-number the citizens of our era who still live there. Therefore, if we don’t offer our feedback and attempt to preserve memories, the old days nostalgic scene may be gone forever. LACA members would agree, I’m sure, as we realize the younger set is not jumping into LACA activities with enthusiasm to continue leadership for continuity of its purpose and objective.

Granted, Mr. Ellison is doing great things for Lanai and its residents and he is making changes quickly for the betterment of the island and tourism.  He is open to Lanaians’ comments and opinions during this major overhaul.  This is where we have a voice, so let’s help him close the generational gap by maintaining Lanai’s only history before it drifts away with what was once, The World’s Premier Pineapple Plantation.

I encourage LACA members to email their opinions to Lynn McCrory: Please include specific suggestions of what they would like to see happen with the old bowling alley building. This is our prime opportunity to be heard so let’s speak up today.

Aloha and Mahalo!

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Unearth of Time Capsule

004 - Time capsule picBy Jaime Dugay

The chairman of the 75th Anniversary was Juan Degamo and it was a huge success. None of our Class of 52 turned out. It seems like they’re saving their money for Vegas LACA in October.

The opening of the 25 year capsule was well attended. The contents were displayed in the school cafeteria. There was a good turnout for the parade, where possibly 22 classes participated. Lots of people turned out to watch the parade which was delayed for the tail end to pass. Lots of food, music and dancing were had at the pot luck in the bowling alley. At the Pineapple Festival held from 3 to 9 on Saturday, there was a good turnout. A fireworks display concluded the event. Gatherings for class reunions and families continued at Manele on Sunday.