Pierce Myers, LACA Distinguished Member

by Rosita Viduya Hueu

On May 16, 2009 at the Annual Membership Social, the Lana’i Alumni and Community Association will present Pierce Myers, principal of Lana’i High and Elementary School with the 2009 Distinguished Member Award at Pearl Country Club. The prestigious award recognizes a member who excels in his/her endeavors and has contributed very significantly through services or financial support to LACA. If you would like to attend the event, log on to lanaiconnection.com for details (entertainment, program, dinner buffet, raffles) or email rvhueu@aol.com.

Since the establishment of our association in 1995, Pierce has rendered efficient and invaluable service as LACA’s coordinator for the Kiyoshi Minami Awards and Grants comprised of:

  • $1500 for Student Activity or Class Project
  • $500 for Professional Improvement
  • $300 for Student School or Community Service

and the following annual scholarships:

  • $2,000 Thomas Roy Nunotani Scholarship
  • $1,500 LACA Vocational Scholarship
  • $1,000 Suzanne Damian Vocational Scholarship.

He is a 1975 graduate of Radford High School and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education from UH Manoa in 1979. In 1984 he received his Master’s Degree in Curriculum & Instruction from UH Manoa.

His teaching and administrative experiences were at:

  • Wheeler Intermediate as Band Teacher, 1979 – 1980
  • Lanai High and Elementary School, Band Teacher, 1980 – 1997
  • Lanai High and Elementary School Vice Principal 1997 – 1999
  • Lanai High and Elementary School Principal 1999 to the present.

Pierce is actively involved on Lana’i  in community/business ventures and serves in numerous committees.  During his leisure time, he enjoys photography, music and being outdoors.

Pierce is married to the former Jessie Figuerres.  They are the parents of  two daughters Udella and Sharah.  Udella  graduated from LHES in 1999 and received her Masters in Social Work at UH Manoa  in 2005. Sharah is a student at LHES and will graduate in 2010.

LACA, comprised of over 1,150 members deeply appreciates everything Pierce does for the association.  Congratulations, Pierce, for the well deserved honor!

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The Lana’i Connection

Since 1995 the following have had vital roles in producing the newsletter:

Tina Mendes
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Nona Armstrong Minami
Robert Viduya

Carole Hara
Sonny Dalde
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Donna Shiroma Nakasue
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Michael Del Rosario
Donna Reyes Ching


Donna Shiroma Nakasue

Contributing Writers
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Mail Preparation
Jacob Hueu
Gerald Sakamura
Robbie Hueu Carlos
Donna Shiroma Nakasue
Jane Sakamura Nakamura
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Providing sites for mail preparation
Robert Kinoshita

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Racing Cars for Fun

by Robert C. Viduya

NASCAR Racing“Drivers start your engines!”  This was the command given recently to fifteen Formula Four racers positioned in the starters pit at the Phoenix International Raceway.  Among the fifteen drivers were LACA members Sidnetta and Robert Viduya, who had no previous racing experience.  This is what happened.

Background.  The Bondurant School of High Performance Driving holds two classes: one in the spring, the other in the fall of each year.  These classes are called the Lap of the Oval at Phoenix International Raceway.  Each class consists of 50 students broken down into three groups for three driving sessions for the day.  The two-and a half hour course begins with suiting up in a red driver uniform and white helmet; brief ground school covering the basics of oval tracking raceway and formula car driving.  Each driver is fitted into a formula race car and then strapped in tightly by an instructor.  Then, off to the racetrack.

SidnetteThere were three diving sessions, with each session involving 25 laps around the track.  In the first session, 15 racing cars were led by a pacer car.  Drivers were not allowed to pass the pacer car, traveling at relatively slow pace of 45 mph.  These laps were used to orient the racers on the unique features of the oval raceway.  The second session was the same as the first, except that the speed was increased to 70 mph.  The third session differed in two major ways: no pacer car was used, and drivers were allowed to drive at maximum speeds exceeding 85 mph.  For Sidnetta and Robert, this third session was the most dangerous and exciting.

Spectators in the stands consisted mostly of friends and families of the racers.  Exhausted and sweaty, the racers finished their final lap with gusto.  As the racers were leaving the staging pit, the spectators rushed the group.  The question most frequently heard was, “How was it?”  As the racers high-fived each other, their animated chatter said it all: “It was great!  What a way to go!”

Although drained emotionally and physically at the end of 75 laps, Sidnetta and Robert enjoyed themselves beyond words.  They considered this experience as among the most adventurous and demanding.

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Alumni News: Class of 1952

by Richard Kawakami

Class of 1952, Marukai Lunch

The Class of ’52 met at Marukai Food Court on February 18 at 11:00 AM.  Present were Stanley, Mitsue, Eddie, Irene, Edith, David, Marcellino, Mildred and Richard.  Jane was probably in Vegas.  The following items were discussed over food from Eddie/Mitsue — Delicious Shrimp Tempura and Lumpia (still warm), David — Almond Manju, Marcellino — Class Of ’52 Cake, Irene — Loft Haas Cookies, Edith–Peppermint Bark, Shawn Meyers–Lemon Cookies, Mildred — Assorted Danish Pastries and Chocolate Chip Cookies, Stanley — Assorted Arare Cookies AND Richard — King’s Haupia Cake.  We celebrated Richard’s birthday with a Haupia Cake.  Happy Birthdays also to Hawaii classmates Marilyn, Susie and Jamie with our Class of ’52 cake for all our 75 year old birthdays.

Marcellino gave Eddie an assortment of gifts — sox, fancy boxer underwear, spam, corn, calendar, etc. Stanley gave me my favorite Okinawa Sweet Potato Manju  for recovering from my fake illness since we quit exchanging gifts.

Travel News:  Eddie/Mitsue are headed for Vegas in March/April.  Richard may go to Vegas in April.  David is going to Hawaii in May.  Stanley is traveling to Vegas, Hawaii and back to Vegas in August.  Can’t make up your mind?  Richard & Barbara spent 2 days at Valley View & Pala last week.  

Health News:  Eddie had some blood drawn today before the meeting.  Marcellino is recovering from illness.  His niece mentioned that he was very stubborn — she went to pick him up to take him to the hospital but when she arrived, he was gone.  She called the doctor to not release him until she came to pick him up.  We are getting obstinate in our old age.

Next Meeting on March 18th.

50 Years for Class of 1958

by Monica Cockett
April 2009 Newsletter

Class of 1958

Lanai High School Class of 1958 celebrated their 50th reunion in October 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada with a group of 17 made up of 13 classmates and ‘Ohana.  A wonderful time was enjoyed by all at the Fremont Casino/Hotel’s Bronze Room, Friday October 10th.

After 50 years out of high school, we are still true to our class motto: Wisdom from the past.  Strength for the future.  Makana (gifts) were shared with each other, as our parents (wisdom from the past) taught us to share.  Dinner was ono food and plenty to eat.  “Strength for the future.” (At our age we need the strength.)

Karaoke singing was a hit and enjoyed by all.  Dr. Ismael Naanep, retired Colonel Robert Viduya and Sir Mejoe Jamero, made the ladies swoon with their deep singing voices.  What a treat!  I think they missed their calling.  Lady Irene Dalde Seawright was the lone female singer with the rest of the classmates joining in with their joyous voices.

We were visited by some underclassmen who knew where the fun was: Marge Morita Asato, Leatrice Nobui Suzuki, Pedring Dugay and his wife Gloria.  It was nice to have them join us and participate in the sing along and play the many fun games.  After all the fun, laughter and sharing of the years past, it was time to end a wonderful evening saying,
“Aloha until we meet again, for life is such a precious gift so enjoy it to its fullest.”

A special thank you to Bob Hirayama, class of ’57 who donated many of the woodcraft prizes which he made so we could all enjoy and keep remembrances of our 50th reunion.

Also, thank you to all the classmates who donated monetary gifts, bakers with their delicious cookies, manju, snacks, craft items that are so useful and key chains from Lana’i.  A special mahalo to Carol Ann Tsumura Fujimoto for the beautiful ribbon lei that she made for our reunion. Everyone ended up with a bagful of goodies to take home.

We extend many thanks to the 1958 committee members who organized this event and made our 50th anniversary the finest gathering ever.

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Krislyn Yuki Nakasue, the long-awaited child to Newsletter Designer/Webmaster, Donna Shiroma Nakasue (granddaughter to James Shiroma, LHES alumnus, class of 1955) was born on October 4, 2008.  After 15 years of marriage, the couple was blessed with their little miracle.  Donna, a former employee of the US Postal Service, made the decision to leave her career to become a full-time mom to baby Krislyn and is currently doing freelance work in web design, desktop publishing, photo/video editing and slideshows, and photography.  If you are interested in any of the services that she provides, Donna can be reached via e-mail at donna_nakasue@yahoo.com.

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Aloha Friends of Lana’i ,

We invite the members of LACA to subscribe to the new full color monthly print version of Lanai only newspaper The Lana’i Times at a special LACA-only rate of only $35 per year , a savings of $10 off of the regular rate of $45.

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Suzie and Barry Osman
Editor and Publisher
The Lana`i Times

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50th Reunion for the Class of 1957

Class of 1957 (click for a larger view)
Class of 1957 (click for a larger view)

by Shirley Long

You all come… and that is what 15 graduates of the class of 1957 and their spouses did July 19, 20, 21 2007 for the 50th high school reunion on our dear island of Lanai.

To launch this successful 50th reunion, the planning committee met at Zippy’s in the summer of 2006: Bob Hirayama, Bob Tsumura, Gladys Shinoda Lee, Shirley Sakoda Long and Jackie Botelho. Jackie, who looked forward to this reunion, died a month before the reunion. A 60 page memory reunion booklet was dedicated to him.

Momi Perry Suzuki was our gracious hostess for our first night pot-luck and again for left-over lunch
after our visit with the school the next day. Oh such ono kau kau and many happy memories and stories to share after not seeing classmates for years. Of course we had to have that barbeque at Manele (Hulupoe) beach for that is what we did when we were growing up. Allen Kaiaokamaile provided us with
fresh grilled fish and out of this world teriyaki deer.

We also visited the cemetery to share beautiful flowers provided from Bob Hirayama’s yard for our deceased classmates and friends.

Our last evening, chefs, Lillian Oshima Rivera and Gladys Shinoda Lee fed us more onolicious kau kau. The night was filled with karaoke singing and prizes
made by Bob Hirayama who is a retired shop teacher and was the outstanding MC for the evening. Eleanor Valdez Robles treated us to her graceful hula dancing accompanied by her husband, Leo on the ukulele.

The class of 1957 donated a check for $2,235.00 to their alma mater and was given a tour of the facilities. As most of you know, there are many good changes, but we did miss the old classrooms.

We were all happy and grateful that so many people came. In our hearts our Lanai will always be Lanai no ka oi.

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