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Robert Kinoshita, president and owner of Kula Sand, LLC, has generously designated the use of the LACA Hawaii Building to the Lanai Alumni and Community Association. In the spirit of ohana, Lanai High and Elementary school organizations, alumni, and Lanai community groups are welcome to use the facility.

Rosita Viduya Hueu will be in charge of coordinating and scheduling the use of the facility for alumni reunions, meetings, social events, LACA family reunions, Lana’i school and community groups.  She can be reached at (808) 455-7605 or through postal service:

Rosita V. Hueu, Coordinator
1846 Hoolaulea Street
Pearl City, HI 96782

The building, LACA Hawaii, located at 1064 Sand Island Parkway is on state government property and under the control of the Department of Land and Natural Resource.  The property is part of the Sand Island Industrial Park and the landlord is the Sand Island Business Association.  As a tenant,   Kula Sand, LLC, is responsible in ensuring that the property is utilized appropriately.

The following are several of the features of the LACA Hawaii Building:

  • 24’ x 35’ green and white modular building
  • excellent for large and small group meetings and social functions
  • accommodates 50-75 people.
  • air conditioned
  • carpeted
  • has a restroom and shower
  • 1 large conference room with table and chairs
  • 2 small conference rooms
  • 1 lounge equipped with television, sofa, coffee table, utility sink/counter, microwave, and refrigerator

Amenities include ample parking, an outdoor barbecue shed and a portable grill.  A stainless steel (laundry) tub with water faucet is readily available for the outdoor picnic/function.

LACA Hawaii (LACA HI) will be focusing on enhancing the three (out of eight) LACA membership purposes:

  1. To promote fellowship among the alumni and the (Lanai) community members.
  2. To keep in touch with former schoolmates and friends in the community.
  3. To promote and participate in civic, industrial, recreational, educational, social, and cultural activities of the (Lanai) community.

In lieu of a deposit for use of the facility, any voluntary monetary gift of aloha will be used to help defray part of the LACA Hawaii operational expenses with surplus funds disseminated to the Lanai Alumni and Community Association (LACA) and to the Public Schools of Hawaii Foundation (PSHF).  Please make checks payable to Kula Sand, LLC with the foot note memo: for LACA HI.

Robert Kinoshita was presented with the 2005 Distinguished Member Award for his significant contributions through services and financial support to the Lanai Alumni and Community Association.   He is a Charter member and belongs to the Lanai Hale Club ($1000 or more).  He and his wife Mildredhave a son Dean and two daughters, Sandra and Carol.

Calendar of Events

Board of Directors Meetings
2nd Wednesday in June, August, September, November, February, March, April

Annual Membership Meeting/Social
Usually held in May at a restaurant

August 26, 2006
LACA Hawaii Bazaar

1064 Sand Island Parkway

November 11, 2006
LACA Hawaii Holiday Craft Fair

Kapolei Middle School
91-5335 Kapolei Parkway

January 27, 2007
LACA Hawaii Photo Gallery:  Lana’i, We Remember!

Coordinator:  Sharen Hashimoto, class of 1969
Committee:  Charlotte Richardson Holsomback, Mary Ellen Richardson Nakoa, Nickie Morita Oshiro, Jacob Hueu, Rosita Viduya Hueu
Volunteers welcome.  On-going project in displaying vintage and current photos that chronicle decades of Lana’i and LACA events and milestones.

May 16, 2009
Class of 1956 will present to LACA photos and profiles of fifteen alumni war casualties which will be displayed in the LACA Hawaii Photo Gallery.  The Fallen Heroes tribute honors alumni who died in the Korean War, Vietnam, and Iraq.

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