Shop for Higher Education

foodland_logoAloha, LACA members:

We received fabulous news from Juliet Garcia, Foodland Shop for Higher Education program coordinator.  Even though LHES wasn’t in the top 50 schools for their Shop for Higher Education program, we will still receive a $2,000 scholarship, thanks to the generosity of Foodland and their customers.  LHES ranked 54th.  Imagine that, a school with no Foodland on island ranking 54th with 125,761 points!

Most importantly, we must thank all of the LACA members who designated LHES to receive the points they earned from their purchases.  I can’t think of a more generous and caring community than our alumni and friends.  By way of this email I am asking for your assistance in communicating our thanks to all who helped.

You truly bring the words in our alma mater to life: “Heaven and earth, thy sons and daughters will thy blessings be … love and loyalty forever is our gift to thee”.  Mahalo nui loa for blessing Lana`i with this wonderful gift.

Me ka ha`aha`a,
Martha Evans

April 2009 e-Newsletter

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LHS Sports Update

By Divina Costales

Lana’i High School baseball is back!  After 16 long years without baseball, Rob Sanches, and Henry (my husband), are the coaches who brought back the baseball dream!  Four years ago, they brought back Little League baseball.  Coach Henry calls the baseball athletes who are now in high school, Trail Blazers.

The cheer leaders worked extra hard in preparing for the March 27 game which was anticipated to be a bleachers packed crowd.  The girls were going to sing and cheer, “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.”  As of 2008, I am the Lana’i High School and Pop Warner’s cheer leader’s coach. I am also an alumna of the Class of 1989.

At the 2008 Football League Cheer Leaders Competition in Maui, our squad took second place.  We qualified to compete in the national competition.  Unfortunately, we lacked funds to travel to Disneyworld in Florida.  Sadly, our girls did not even receive a ribbon and trophy which were awarded to the third and fourth place winners.

Cheer leading goes on all year for all the sports.  We cheer and support volleyball, softball, baseball, and golf.  Because there are no MIL competitions we get zero funding from the school. According to school regulations, we are allowed only one fundraiser for each sport during the school year.

The Lana’i community supported our fund raisers and the proceeds were spent for travel expenses for the football team and cheer leaders to Maui and for use of school buses for transportation from Lahaina to Kahului.  Traveling was exciting!

If there are alumni cheer leaders that would like to send support, it would be awesome.
Please contact me:

Divina C. Costales
LHES Cheer Coach
P.O. Box
Lana’i, HI 96763
Cell: 808-559-0007 Fax: 808-565-7420

Scheduled:  in March, boys & girls Tennis match Lana’i vs. Maui in April, Pep Squad to Maui on 4/17/09.

A Special Notice Concerning the Lana’i City Business District

From The Lana’i Times Community Email. Submitted by Joana Varawa, Editor

A Special Notice Concerning the Lana’i City Business District
There will be a Public Meeting, April 2, at 10 a.m. at the school cafeteria to hear your  views on the nomination of the Lana’i City Business Country Town to the Hawai’i Register of Historic Places, State Historic Preservation Division.

The Maui County Department of Planning has nominated the Business District to the Hawai’i Register of Historic Places. This nomination recognizes and underscores the importance to the history of Maui County and the State of Hawai’i of the cultural resources and unique architecture contained in Lanai’s Business District, which was laid out in 1923 as the first planned community in the Territory of Hawai’i.

If you cannot attend in person, petitions supporting the nomination are available at the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA), Fraser Avenue,  open 1-5 p.m. Written testimony will be accepted through April 1; please mail your testimony to: Stanley Solamillo, Maui County Cultural Resources Commission, 250 High Street, Wailuku, HI 96793, or fax to Stanley Solamillo at 808-270-6290. All communications should reference the “Lana’i City BCT nomination to the Hawai’i Register of Historic Places” or “Maui County Historic District No. 4.”

The nomination does not yet include the old Labor Yard area, so if you would like to see it included, you may also indicate this in your testimony (i.e. “Please include the HAPCo shops, associated buildings and base yard in the suggested HRHP boundaries.”)

Among the benefits of the nomination would be attracting more visitors to our island and to the town, and increasing economic benefits for the land owner(s) and lease holders of buildings located in the district.

LACA President’s Message

by Rosita Viduya Hueu

Growing up on Lana’i was a unique experience that has shaped how we as Lanaians feel about each other, our school, and the community. The spirit of being a Lanaian evokes a deep sense of aloha we have for one another.  It strengthens friendships that have endured for generations.

It was this sentiment that spurred Thomas Roy Nunotani better known as Tommy in making a difference and giving back to the Lana’i  community. In the 1980’s, with support from several Lanaians and his classmates (Class of 1952), he launched a relentless drive in organizing the Lana’i Alumni Association. Up to 1993, he spearheaded social events known as The Lanai Connection, chaired the celebration of Lanai and Elementary School’s 50th anniversary, and the Lanai Community Reunion. Those were the times for Lanaians to get together, rekindle friendships, and reminisce.  Tommy  was the catalyst in soliciting donations to be awarded as scholarships to Lanai High School seniors.

Tommy died January 11, 1995.  Four months later, on May 21, 1995 one hundred Lanaians got together for brunch at the Officers’ Club at Hickam Air Force Base to elect officers and directors.  Robert Kinoshita emerged as the first LACA president.  Lana’i Alumni and Community Association evolved from the Lana’i Alumni Association.

LACA has existed for 14 years.  I have had the privilege of being the president for 7 years.  My presidential term ends on May 31. I hope I have served with humility and to your satisfaction.  With your best interest in mind, the board of directors and past presidents: Robert Kinoshita (’95-’97), Randy Sanches (’97-’99), Tina Mendes (’99-’01), and Joann Zukeran (’05-’06), have sustained LACA as a viable and worthwhile organization.

We are indebted to the “pioneers” who have passed on but impacted our association with a solid foundation. Gone but not forgotten are Helen Fujie, 1980’s Lana’i Liaison, Kiyoshi Mana Minami who drafted the Bylaws and established the framework for the Awards and Grants for Lana’i High and Elementary School, and deceased members/class representatives who were instrumental in organizing events.

Deep appreciation and mahalo nui loa go to the various network coordinators for their input and invaluable services throughout the years:

  • Maui Lanai Connection: Nani Watanabe, Gloria Reyes, Bill Ruidas and MLC members
  • California LACA Connection: Sally Cadiente, Caroline Asuncion, Irene Seawright, Carol Voss, and committee members
  • Las Vegas LACA Connection: Joy Enfield, Jocelyn Celcer, Ted Perez, Doreen Burnham
  • Non Lanaians residing in Las Vegas: Vance Cannon of Vegas Vance Tours, Jeff Whaley, photographer
  • Northwest LACA Connection (dissolved) : Dwight Obado (relocated), posthumous recognition to Jane Thornburg
  • Entertainment participants for LACA events from Lana’i, Maui, Oahu, California, New Mexico, Las Vegas

A heartfelt thank you:

  • to all LACA members for your interest, concern, and support
  • to donors to the Public Schools of Hawaii Foundation and to Judy Nagasako and Rex Akutagawa who administrate our account and disburse funds for scholarships, awards and grants
  • to the generous donors to LACA whose donations defray operational expenses
  • to Lana’i Retailers (i.e. Wallace Tamashiro of Richard’s Shopping Center who could be counted on for last minute grocery/storing accommodations.)
  • to non Lanaians: Donna Shiroma Nakasue, webmaster, Joan Yamanaka, database
  • to Robert Kinoshita, LACA’s Benefactor, for designating the LACA Hawaii building at 1064 Sand Island Parkway as “Home for the Lana’i Alumni and Community Association” which provides a fellowship sanctuary that gives us a sense of belonging.

My love and gratitude go to my husband Jacob Hueu who has been my tower of strength and to my family and relatives who have assisted and uplifted me through this incredible journey.

Please continue to wholeheartedly support the incoming administration and board of directors.  The future of LACA rests with you. With much aloha, I wish you a life filled with God’s graces and pray for your continued devotion and loyalty to our alma mater and our beloved hometown, Lana’i.

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Latest Contributors

LACA thanks each of you for your generous support!

Anbe, George
Anonymous Donor
Chelovitz, George & Phyllis
Damian, Suzanne Pascua
Hidani, Eiko
Higa, George T.
Hueu, Jacob & Rosita
Janowski, Gerarda Belez
Lantz, Nancy Belez
Minami, Nona Armstrong
Oshiro, Chiyoshi
Platt, Margaret Osako
Reyes, Gloria Obado
Ricamara, Joe “Foxy”
Teraoka, Ruth Matsui
Viduya, Robert

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Honoring Others

Monetary gifts in celebration or in memory of friends, classmates and relatives were sent in by:

  • Gloria Obado Reyes in memory of her dad Liberato Obado.
  • Nona Minami in memory of her husband, Kiyoshi.
  • Phyllis and George Chevolitz in appreciation to Nona Minami for being a gracious hostess while visiting in Las Vegas and for the Kiyoshi Minami Awards to LHES.
  • Karen Nobui Kitagiri in memory of her husband Nobuyuki.

(Download the full April 2009 Newsletter – PDF)

2009 LACA Vegas Connection at the Cal

Co-Chairs:  Monica Cockett, Suzanne Pascua Damian
Download the LACA Vegas Connection sign-up form

laca-connection-08-2Have you made your reservations for the LACA Las Vegas Connection Reunion scheduled for September 5?  Now is the time to contact your classmates, friends and ohana and make plans to get together at the event in the Ohana banquet room at the Cal.

Subject to change. In the spirit of aloha, the planning committee requests your cooperation in complying, if possible, to the following:

  • Each attendee is requested to wear a lei.
  • Each table signing up as a group of 10 will provide one centerpiece which will be awarded as a giveaway.
  • Attendee who signs up individually will bring one prize which will be either used as the table centerpiece or awarded as a door prize.
  • Attendees signing up as a mini group of less than 10 will bring one prize from the group which will be either used as the table centerpiece or awarded as a door prize.
  • Voluntary donations of items or gift certificates for door prizes will be greatly appreciated.

Saturday, September 5, 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. MAILE ROOM

  • Early registration. Designated and contact persons (CP) are encouraged to pick up table packets to avoid gridlock in the evening in the banquet room.
  • Ukulele raffle tickets will be on sale at $5.00 for one ticket or $20 for 5 tickets
  • OHANA BANQUET ROOM – LACA Las Vegas Connection Reunion:  6:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.


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Great News for LHS Class of 1962!

We are having our 47th reunion in Lana’i City on the 4th of July weekend, July 3-5, 2009.

For information on housing and activities, contact:

Larry Kawasaki, (808) 565-6021, email:
Christine Endrina Hickman,  (808) 722-0202, email:
Sally Tabura Cadiente, (949) 837-8641,

Friends and family of the class of ’62: Email, write or call our classmates to “come home” and join in the fun!  Malama pono until the 4th of July weekend!

(Download the full April 2009 Newsletter – PDF)