Fallen Heroes Tribute

The Fallen Heroes tribute by the Class of 1956 will honor fifteen alumni war casualties at the LACA Annual Membership Social on Saturday, May 16, at Pearl Country Club.

World War II
Pvt. Saul S. Dias
Pvt. Shosei Kutaka
Pvt. Choyei Oshiro
PFC Wallace H. Oshiro
PFC Nobuaki Tomita

Vietnam War
LCpl Narciso Bertomen, Jr.
SSgt. Dalmacio P. Pascua, Jr.
SFC Joseph Sarocam
PFC Gilbert B. Suetos
SSgt. Leonard M. Tadios

Korean Conflict
PFC Rufino Garalde
Sgt. Yeikichi B. Itokazu
PFC Kiyomitsu Kutsunai
PFC Donald S. Miyajima

Iraq War
LCpl Blake A. Magaoay
In memory of their classmate, the class of 1966 dedicated their yearbook to Cpl. Narciso Bertomen, Jr. with the poem written by Ronald Awa and Dexter Del Rosario.

From the class of sixty-two came forth a man of finest stature.
He, like others, took a stand and fought for all in the U.S.A.
But fate, strange fate, was to have a say,
And death came in its sudden way.

Now hearts cry out and mourn the loss
Of being in wars and the price they cost.
And “Dong” as he was known here on Lanai
Is among the many that had to die.
And now, though the physical being is done,
His memory and our love will linger on.

How nice it would be to have classmates, friends, veterans and members of the family, join us for this nostalgic and historical moment in time! The myriad of activities include: a salute to the armed forces, installation of the incoming LACA administration, awards presentation, great entertainment, savory dinner buffet, raffles, and much more.  Deadline to sign up is April 15. Come talk story and let’s rekindle Lana’i memories.