LACA Concerns

The transitional administrative process envisioned to be effective as of May 31, 2009 did not materialize.  With no one to fill the position vacated by outgoing president Rosita Viduya Hueu, the board approved the implementation of the following administrative roles and schedule as of July 1, 2009.  President Hueu installed the incoming officers and director on June 10:

2009 Co-President Pro Tem:  Monica Cockett, Jean Piena
2009-’11: President Elect/Recording Secretary: Coochie Cayan
2009-’11:  1st. Vice Pres./Treasurer: Donna Reyes Ching
2009-’12:  Director Bruno Oroyan. Unable to be present at the installation were the Lana’i Director Susana Sanches Kincaid and Linda Pascua Degamo.
Rosita Hueu will serve as Advisor.
Incumbent directors: Suzanne Damian, Michael Del Rosario, Bill Ruidas (Maui)
Coordinators: Jacob Hueu, Pierce Myers, Nickie Morita Oshiro
Webmaster: Donna Shiroma Nakasue
2010: Meeting Facilitators will be Suzanne Damian, February 10; Bruno Oroyan, March 10
2010 April 24:  Annual Membership Social (Day function)
2010 May 12:  Board Meeting, 1064 Sand Island Parkway
2010 June 1:  New fiscal year begins

After the demise of our founder the late Thomas Nunotani in 1995, LACA has existed for 14 years and rendered annual scholarships, awards/grants and bonded through fellowship events.  The future of the association rests with you.  Needed for next year will be new directors and prospective officers.  Food for thought: Volunteer as a class or as a group of compatible friends and assume carrying out the worthwhile activities.  Contact any board member if interested, in offering suggestions or nominating someone.

Due to the economic recession, dwindling donations from LACA members compelled the reduction of financial assistance to Lana’i High and Elementary School and in publishing two issues instead of three of The Lana’i Connection. Cutback was made to the Thomas Roy Nunotani Scholarship from $2,000 to $1,000.  Unavailable for this school year are funds for the $300 Minami Student Award for School or Community Service, $500 for Professional Improvement, and $1,500 LACA Vocational Scholarship.  Available will be the $1,000 Suzanne Pascua Damian Vocational Scholarship.

Members are encouraged to sign up as E-subscribers and go online to decrease mailing costs of the newsletters.  Articles and photos not covered in the hardcopy will be posted online.

Your participation is vital and crucial in sustaining LACA.  Please kokua and become a board member!

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