2009 Block/Camp Holiday Bash Acknowledgments

by Rosita Viduya Hueu

Honoring lifetime friendships, Lanaians got together at 1064 Sand Island Parkway, for a neighborhood reunion on December 5th. It was a day for reconnecting with former neighbors, classmates and friends, who came from the neighbor islands and the mainland. LHES past and present faculty members also joined in the festivity. What a delight it was to mingle with Lana’i’s Living Treasures and meet the ohana of businesses and retailers of the plantation period!

A special thank you to:
Robert Kinoshita, president/owner of Kula Sand, LLC for the use of his business lot (HCSR: Honolulu Container Storage and Rental), for setting up the area and providing space for the craft/food vendors and neighborhood tents. The donated roast and kalua pig from Robert and his friend, Mafa, evoked “before time” memories of luaus on Lana’i.

Heartfelt gratitude to Alexandria and Patrick who pitched in and helped Mafa in carving and packaging the succulent pork.
Volunteers and participants who were instrumental in handling the various tasks which resulted in a fun-filled, fellowship event:

  • Snack and dessert donors
  • Craft and food vendors
  • Media Publicity: Alberta deJetley, Joana Varawa
  • Invocations: Myrtle Reponte, Kepa Maly
  • Traffic control: Joe Jamero, Robin Collado
  • Photo Gallery: Sharen Hashimoto
  • Sound Systems: Jay Reponte, John Kauwenaole
  • Photographers: Jerry Whaley, Delaine Ige
  • Map backboard donation: Denton Miyamura
  • Lana’i City Map Display: Reynald Butch Gima
  • Emcees and Commentators: Nelson Tamashiro, Nani Watanabe, Kepa Maly, Colbert Matsumoto
  • Lana’i Reflections: Mary Ellen Nakoa
  • Set-Up: HCSR staff, Kisha Carlos, Kelsea Uyeda, Jacob Hueu, Robert Viduya, Libby Viduya
  • Taste of Lana’i: Donna Ching, Claudia and George Higa, Geraldine Iba, Monica Cockett
  • Lucky Numbers: Kiyomi Kunishige, Ruth Teraoka, Helen Takenouchi, Hattie Higa Lucky Number Donors
  • Robert Garcia’s Escrima Students
  • Name Tags: Charlotte Holsomback

Robert Kinoshita, Lana’i Invitational Golfers and Nona Minami for the most welcome and generous monetary donations for the LACA Hawaii operational expenses.

Aloha Liaison: Gail Tamashiro, Hatsue Higa

Song Leaders: Maggie Luczon, Irene Seawright, Monica Cockett, Nani Watanabe

Comedian: Mel Cabang

Musicians: H3, John Kauwenaole, Bock 35: John Tanodra, Ale Arao, Lui Obado, Val Tanodra, Nani Watanabe, Jay Reponte

Dances – Hula, Paranku, Filipino: Rufina Kula, Katy Murayama, Gwen Macion, Lucy Lumanlan, Luella Lum, Geri Hatada, Vicki Hanby, Priscilla Ambrosio, Charlie Sakanoi, Arlene Aranita, Teresa Dias

Gloria Obado Reyes served as Block 35 coordinator and enthusiastically contacted former residents of Block 35. They wore camp tee shirts, sold merchandise and set up a bulletin board posted with correspondences from former neighbors who couldn’t be at the event. Block 35 revelers who set up the tent and assisted in selling kalua pork bentos with the proceeds earmarked for LACA’s operational fund included: Douglas/Priscilla Obado, Lui Obado, Donna Ching, Bill/Laraine Avery, Marge Asato, John/Bev Tanodra, and Jim Cummings. The kanikapila portion did not materialize and attendees missed out on the keyboard performance and singing of Henry Dulan. Our apologies to Henry for the inconvenience he incurred.

The Lana’i spirit of aloha prevailed from tent to tent. There were hugs and kisses galore and an abundance of flashbacks to the past. Two catalysts present whose goals are to perpetuate the legacies of our ancestors through oral history interviews were Kepa Maly, Executive Director of the Lana’i Culture and Heritage Center and Colbert Matsumoto, CEO of Island Insurance Company and an attorney.

To each of you, thanks for the Kodak moments and in making more memories. An attendee’s departing comment was: “If you gonna do this again next year, I coming back. Wuz good fun!”

Visit the LACA Photo Gallery to see more photos from this great event!

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