Honoring Others

Monetary gifts of aloha have been made in memory of deceased members or in celebration of milestones and special remembrances.

Kerry Honda in memory of his dad, Isamu Honda
Jacob and Rosita Hueu in memory of a good friend, Ricarte Dadez
Nona Armstrong Minami in memory of her husband, Kiyoshi Mana Minami
*Encarnacion C. Adiarte: Enclosed is my contributuion in memory of Grace Kuwada Novitski, class of ’47. I am a retired teacher of the San Francisco Unified School District. I was teaching at Paul Revere School when Mrs. Novitski was the school principal there. She was a wonderful administrator.
*Mary Elizabeth Beaver Jones: From the Novitski Family in memory of Grace Kuwada Novitsiki who passed away on October 24
Janet Mizomi Miyashiro in memory of Grace Kuwada Novitski
*Claire and Don Shaffer in memory of Grace Kuwada Novitski who was a loving, kind teacher and a friend to many.
Chiyoshi Oshiro in memory of his wife Shirley Honda Oshiro

* Denotes non member

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