“Stable Camp” Honda

by Bessie Honda Kiyota, class of 1951

There were three Honda families in Lana’i City, all unrelated. Our family was known as the “Stable Camp” Honda with seven boys and three girls. Two boys were nicknamed Rusty and the other two were nicknamed Rocky.

My father, Ishimatsu Honda, arrived in Hawaii from Hiroshima, Japan in December, 1906. He settled in Kukuihaele, a small town on the Big Island. He got married and ten years later with mom and five children they moved to Honolulu. After living six years on Oahu and with an additional child, the family left for Lana’i in 1927. My other three siblings and I were born on Lana’i.

We lived in Block 19 better known as Stable Camp. I remember, so well, the families I grew up with: the Sorida’s, who were our neighbors for so many years; the Caluya clan which included the Viduya’s, Garalde’s, and Dalde’s, also the Osako, Kaya, Akahoshi, Sakamura, Hayashida and Hashimoto families. Having come from humble beginnings, we, the younger Honda siblings, are grateful to our older brothers and sisters who worked so hard to help us pursue our career goals. They motivated and inspired us to value education and trust “where there is a will there is a way.

Five of us had the opportunity to go to college. Nobuo, Earl and I became teachers. Yukio was a lawyer in Los Angeles, and Long Beach in California. Fred worked as a recreation director in Los Angeles.

Today there are only four of us left. My sister, Alice Nobui who is 92 years old, still has her home on Lana’i. Yukio is retired and lives in California. Earl (Rocky) and I are now retired and reside in Pearl City.

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