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An Appeal for LACA & PSHF Funds

by Rosita Viduya Hueu

A heartfelt thank you to those who responded to the appeal posted online and coverage in Alberta deJetley’s community newspaper, Lana’i Today, for donations to the Public Schools of Hawaii Foundation. At this time, we are reaching out to LACA’s general membership of over 1,000 members for their assistance in awarding scholarships, awards and grants to students and faculty members of Lana’i High and Elementary School and help in defraying the association’s operational expenses.

Times are hard so whatever you can donate, no matter what the amount, will be greatly appreciated. Since 1995, it has been through the generosity and support of 335 LACA members and 31 non members (retailers, friends) that LHES has been the beneficiary.

LACA was formally established in 1995. Up to 2008, the following monetary funds were presented to LHES recipients:

$2000 Thomas Roy Nunotani Scholarship
$1500 LACA Vocational Scholarship
$1000 Suzanne Pascua Damian Vocational Scholarship
$1500 Kiyoshi Minami Classroom Activity/Project
$500 Professional Improvement Award
$300 Kiyoshi Minami Student School/Community Award

Dwindling donations compelled cutbacks and reduced the awards for the past school year to $1,000 Thomas Roy Nunotani Scholarship and $1,000 Suzanne Pascua Damian Vocational Scholarship. LACA will continue to make budget adjustments and reduce or increase monetary awards based on the general membership’s support.
Won’t you please kokua and send in a donation? If you’ve never donated, now is the time to increase the number of donors and help make a difference in the lives of Lanai’s youths.

For a tax-deductible contribution, please make your check payable to: Public Schools of Hawaii Foundation or PSHF and write “for LACA” on the bottom left hand corner of your check.

For a non tax-deductible contribution, your check should be made payable to: LACA.

In addition to LACA’s operational expenses, your donation will pay for the maintenance of our website at and publication of The Lana’i Connection.

Please mail your checks to: Funds Coordinator, P. O. Box 515 Pearl City, HI 96782

LACA Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to Bryan Etrata, recipient of the $1,000 Suzanne Pascua Damian Vocational Scholarship and to Richard Gima, recipient of the $1,000 Thomas Roy Nunotani Scholarship!

Bryan will enroll at Honolulu Community College and work for his Associate in Applied Science degree. He will major in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. He aspires, after earning his degree, to get a good job, be able to support himself and not be dependent on his parents.

Richard’s goal is to double major in International Business Relations and International Journalism . He has been accepted at Richmond, the American International University in London. He comments, “that growing up on Lana’i has opened up many opportunities to further my global pursuits. I was very fortunate to travel in high school to many countries, and I hope that I will be able to share this knowledge with my community and school.”

Best wishes and much success to Bryan and Richard in furthering their education and for a bright future!

Online Postings on the Lanai Connection blog

Popular Vegas Vance Tours: Tour Guide, Vegas Vance aka Vance Cannon will donate an oil painting to be auctioned at the LACA Las Vegas Connection on October 9 at the Cal provided transportation requirements are met for a tour or show. Proceeds from the auction will be donated to LACA. Log online for list of Vegas tours, shows, prices, and annotation on Vegas Vance.

E-Newsletter Archives: The Lana’i Connection newsletter archives feature issues dating back to April 2002. View them by clicking on the e-Newsletter Issues tab at the top of our blog page or navigate to

Lanai Culture & Heritage Center –
An excellent historical website, “Honoring the Past, Enriching the Future,” is maintained by Kepa and Onaona Pomroy Maly. Together they have worked on historical and ethnographic studies. Kepa is the Executive Director of the Lanai Cultural and Heritage Center and Onaona is an Archival Researcher, one of the many roles she assumes.

On April 22, 2010, Kepa and Onaona were presented with a prestigious award from the Historic Hawaii Foundation, the Historic Preservation Commendation “for the outstanding preservation efforts on the island of Lanai.” Kepa is one of the stellar alumnus of LHES Class of 1972. Congratulations to Kepa and Onaona!

2010 Board of Directors

The board of directors meet at LACA Hawaii, 1064 Sand Island Parkway, the second Wednesday in June, August, September, November, February, March, April or May depending when the Annual Membership Social is held. The function of the board is to formulate the goals of the Lana’i Alumni and Community Association, to plan its programs, and to manage its operation.

It’s been gratifying welcoming incoming first-time directors and the return of past personnel. Installed as incoming directors on May 12 at LACA Hawaii were returnees: Marge Morita Asato, Rosita Viduya Hueu, Nickie Morita Oshiro, and Ruth Fukushima Nakasone. They join incumbents: Coochie Tanodra Cayan, Donna Reyes Ching, Monica Cockett, Suzanne Pascua Damian, Bruno Oroyan, Jean Piena, Susana Sanchez Kincaid (Lanai), Linda Pascua Degamo (Lanai), and Bill Ruidas (Maui). Sports Coordinator Jacob Hueu serves as Security when the board meets.

The meetings since last year have been conducted on rotation by a Director/Facilitator and will continue until volunteers step forward and serve as officers for the vacant positions. Coochie Cayan is Recording Secretary, Donna Ching is Treasurer and Rosita Hueu, is Adviser. Positions open are: President, Vice President, Corresponding Secretary. If you would like to give it a try, contact anyone on the board.

What use to be simple refreshments at the end of the meetings has now evolved into potluck dinners topped with talking stories about “before time in Lana’i” and catching up on the latest happenings with family, classmates and friends. You’re welcome to attend the meetings and enjoy the bounty of food.

LACA has been fortunate in having Robert Kinoshita, owner and president of Kula Sand, LLC, furnish the meeting site for LACA. We also deeply appreciate the assistance and support from the Kula Sand personnel. Thank you very much!

Ho’omana’o Makou’o Lana’i! Lana’i, We Remember!

Change of Address?

Due to new postal regulations, undeliverable mail is assessed a fifty cent penalty by the USPS. Therefore, if you have moved or changed your address, PLEASE help us avoid this cost by sending your new address to: Lanai Connection P.O. Box 515, Pearl City, HI 96782

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To sign up, point your web browser to and complete the form.

We thank you in advance for helping LACA save on postage costs.

Donna Reyes Ching, Editor
Donna Shiroma Nakasue, Webmaster

Job well done!

What better place to recruit new Lana’i Alumni and Community Members then at the reunion dance held at the Old Bowling Alley on July 3. Susana Sanchez Kincaid, Linda Degamo, and Alfonsa (Goring) Lopez mixed business with pleasure as they signed up new members from the ‘50’s, 70’s and ’80’s. Through LACA, members are able to make a difference and give back to their alma mater, Lana’i High and Elementary School, and to the community through scholarships, awards and grants. Mahalo, Sue, Linda and Goring!

Our Latest PSHF and LACA Contributors

Several donors designate their contributions in various ways: in memory of a loved one, or a friend, or in commemoration of a significant event.  In the spirit of giving, we thank you for your generosity and thoughtfulness.

Allas, Jesus
Arakaki, Richard – in memory of his wife, Lillian Shimizu Arakaki
Damian, Suzanne Pascua
Eligado, Alex
Eugenio, Fay Nagamine
Hidani, Eiko Nishimura
Higa, George
Higa, Hatsue –  in memory of Richard Sorida
Hirota, Janet Hirai – in memory of Kengo Takata, DOE  administrator/District Superintendent
Hokama, Eddie & Mitsue Akiyama
Hokama, Harold
Hueu, Jacob & Rosita Viduya
Itakura, Betty Nakafuji
Juan, Stanley
Kawakami, Richard
Kimura, Mazie Akahoshi
Kula, Rufina Rabbon
Matsui, Edward
Matsui, Paul
Minami, Nona Armstrong – in memory of her husband, Kiyoshi “Mana” Minami
Nakama, Lorraine
Nakasone, Ruth Fukushima
Obado, Dwight
Oroyan, Bruno
Perry, Jazzlyn
Piena, Jean
Platt, Margaret Osako
Sakamoto, Molly Sorida
Shimoda, Miyoko Nishimura
Stice, Apolonia Agonoy
Takahama, Tamotsu & Sally Sorida
Teraoka, Ruth Matsui
Viduya, Robert
Wilkinson, William

Funds Club Memberships

As of February 2010

Donations are cumulatively recorded and club fund memberships are based on:

Contributor up to $99 – Mazie Kimura
Century Pineapple $100 up –  Anonymous donor, Dwight Obado, Apolonia Stice, William Wilkinson
Golden Pineapple $500 up – Margaret Platt
Lana’i Hale $1,000 up – 22 donors as of 2009
Silver $5,000 up – 1 donor as of 2009
Platinum $10,000 up
Diamond $15,000 up – Suzanne Pascua Damian

Mahalo nui loa for your invaluable monetary support!