An Appeal for LACA & PSHF Funds

by Rosita Viduya Hueu

A heartfelt thank you to those who responded to the appeal posted online and coverage in Alberta deJetley’s community newspaper, Lana’i Today, for donations to the Public Schools of Hawaii Foundation. At this time, we are reaching out to LACA’s general membership of over 1,000 members for their assistance in awarding scholarships, awards and grants to students and faculty members of Lana’i High and Elementary School and help in defraying the association’s operational expenses.

Times are hard so whatever you can donate, no matter what the amount, will be greatly appreciated. Since 1995, it has been through the generosity and support of 335 LACA members and 31 non members (retailers, friends) that LHES has been the beneficiary.

LACA was formally established in 1995. Up to 2008, the following monetary funds were presented to LHES recipients:

$2000 Thomas Roy Nunotani Scholarship
$1500 LACA Vocational Scholarship
$1000 Suzanne Pascua Damian Vocational Scholarship
$1500 Kiyoshi Minami Classroom Activity/Project
$500 Professional Improvement Award
$300 Kiyoshi Minami Student School/Community Award

Dwindling donations compelled cutbacks and reduced the awards for the past school year to $1,000 Thomas Roy Nunotani Scholarship and $1,000 Suzanne Pascua Damian Vocational Scholarship. LACA will continue to make budget adjustments and reduce or increase monetary awards based on the general membership’s support.
Won’t you please kokua and send in a donation? If you’ve never donated, now is the time to increase the number of donors and help make a difference in the lives of Lanai’s youths.

For a tax-deductible contribution, please make your check payable to: Public Schools of Hawaii Foundation or PSHF and write “for LACA” on the bottom left hand corner of your check.

For a non tax-deductible contribution, your check should be made payable to: LACA.

In addition to LACA’s operational expenses, your donation will pay for the maintenance of our website at and publication of The Lana’i Connection.

Please mail your checks to: Funds Coordinator, P. O. Box 515 Pearl City, HI 96782

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