February 2011 Newsletter

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Web exclusiveHow fortunate we are to live in the United States by Richard Gima. Richard, an alumnus of Lana’i High and Elementary School, is the 2010 recipient of the $1,000 Thomas Roy Nunotani Scholarship. On February 2 when political unrest and rebellion broke out in Egypt, Richard was in Cairo. The article is an account of his experience.

Breaking News: PSHF and LACA Funds

by Rosita Viduya Hueu

On January 14, 2011, the Lana’i Alumni and Community Association was informed that the Public Schools of Hawaii Foundation, in compliance with IRS regulation, will no longer handle Donor Advised Funds (Restricted Accounts).  In 1996, a year after LACA was formally established, President Robert Kinoshita, the late Kiyoshi Mana Minami, Awards Coordinator, and the board of directors, formulated a contribution plan with PSHF, a non profit organization.

With an initial deposit of $1,500 by Treasurer Randy Sanches an account was opened with the stipulation that all individual tax-deductible contributions would go into LACA’s Restricted Account with PSHF for the sole purpose of benefiting Lana’i High and Elementary School.  Instructions would come from LACA as to when and to whom funds for scholarships, awards and grants would be made. LACA itself is not a tax-deductible organization because the funds are not used exclusively for school support purposes.

Facing the IRS issue, and after much discussion on February 9,  the board of directors ratified the motion to have Lana’i High and Elementary School (LHES) be the depository for the balance in the PSHF fund. The transferred fund is to be utilized for educational needs by continuing the scholarship and awards program. Donations made to Lana’i High and Elementary School are tax-deductible.

A Donor Advised Fund is an account:

  1. which is separately identified by reference to contributions of a donor or donors,
  2. which is owned and controlled by a sponsoring organization and
  3. for which the donor (or any person appointed or designated by the donor) has or expects to have advisory privileges concerning the distribution or investment of the funds held in the Donor Advised Fund or account because of the donor’s status as a donor.

There are penalties which the IRS can impose on taxable distributions from such funds.

Contact any one of the board members if you have questions or comments to share:  Marge Asato, Coochie Cayan, Donna Ching, Monica Cockett, Suzanne Damian, Linda Degamo, Rosita Hueu, Sue Kincaid, Ruth Nakasone, Bruno Oroyan, Nickie Oshiro, Jean Piena, Bill Ruidas.

How to Contribute

We ask for your continued support.  In recognition of LACA’s and the Lana’i High and Elementary School needs, there are two ways you can contribute.

For a tax-deductible contribution, please make your check out to Lanai High and Elementary School and write for Awards in the bottom left-hand corner of your check.  Please send your mail to:

Lana’i High and Elementary School
Attn. Mr. Pierce Myers, Principal
P.O. Box 630630
Lana’i City, HI 96763

For a non-tax deductible contribution, make your check out to LACA.  These funds will be used to cover operational expenses such as deposits to reserve banquet facilities in Las Vegas and Oahu for reunions and meetings, in maintaining a website, and paying for various invoices for activities and replenishing supplies. The printing and mailing of our newsletter is an expensive undertaking.  Please mail your check to:

P.O. Box 515
Pearl City, HI 96782

Mahalo nui loa to our webmaster, Donna Shiroma Nakasue for the times fees were waived for specific services. In the spirit of giving, we are grateful to those who have voluntarily “paid out-of-pocket” to cover expenses such as entertainment, door prizes, hospitality, and computer supplies.  A heartfelt thank you for your generosity!

Lana’i High and Elementary School Awards Recipients

Congratulations to the Lanai Middle School Band and Romeo Eleno, PE/Health Teacher in receiving $500 each for Kiyoshi Minami Student Activity/Class Project Grant.

Kerri Glickstein, teacher, submitted the application to the Lana’i Alumni and Community Association for the school band.  The fund will be utilized by grades 6-8 for a Band Day Camp on October 7-8, 2011.  An excerpt from the application states: The plan is to offer this Band Day Camp every October for all band students at Lanai High and Elementary School as a means to educate our students and build the band program.  By providing airfare, food and lodging, we will be able to attract the best instructors in every instrument category to work with our students year after year.  Band directors from Oahu, Maui, as well as University of Hawaii at Manoa students will serve as instructors at this camp.

Romeo Eleno will use the fund to defray expenses for classroom supplies, equipment and resources.  His purpose is: To provide Lana’i High School students the opportunity to learn about the importance of being responsible learners and decision-makers when it comes to their health, physically, mentally, and socially that will, hopefully, lead to a life without unnecessary development of diseases.

Our Latest Contributors as of August 2010

Your thoughtful gesture and valuable support perpetuates LACA’s Vison which is:  To promote good fellowship among all members of the association and to provide financial assistance to Lana’i High and Elementary School students and faculty members through scholarships, awards and grants.

Several donors have made their contributions in commemoration of significant milestones or in memory of loved ones, friends, classmates, and relatives. Thank you very much!

Class of 1952
Class of 1960
Anbe, Dr. Daniel
Anbe, George
Anonymous donor
Dalde, Benjamen
Damian, Suzanne
Funada, Lloyd
Hidani, Eiko Nishimura: in memory of Mildred Kinoshita
Higa, George T.
Hokama, Harold
Hokama, Kay K: in memory of her Class of ’46 classmates: Ellen (Tamura) Watanabe and Tai Soon Lee
Iba, Jeraldine Hirayama
Janowski, Gerarda: in memory of her brother, Expedito “Toy” Engbino
Kunishige, Kiyomi
Kunishi, Cornelia
Lana’i Invitational Golf Club
Lantz, Nancy N.
Minami, Natsuko Nakama
Olsen, William
Oshiro, Richard & Nickie in memory of Chogoro Oshiro and Jane Morita Higashi
Outhouse, Cyndy
Owen, Marilyn
Oyama, Kazuko
Sabino, Victor
Sugitan, Marcellino
Tamashiro, Yaeko H.
Tyau, Sonja

Edited 5/11/2011

Contributory Club Categories as of August 2010

Congratulations to those who attained new club memberships and moved to the next donor’s category!

Century Club: up to $99
Oyama, Kazuko
Sabin, Victor

Century Pineapple Club: $100 up
Hokama, Kay K.
Kunishi, Cornelia
Oshiro, Nickie
Outhouse, Cyndy
Owen, Marilyn
Tamashiro, Yaeko

Golden Pineapple Club: $500 up
Iba, Jeraldine

Lanai Hale Club: $1,000 up
Marcellino Sugitan

Platinum Club: $10,000 up

Diamond Club: $15,000 up
Suzanne Damian

The Dalde’s on Lanai

By Irene Tippon-Seawright

Pictured with Anastacio and Trinidad (Caluya) Dalde are their children: Joice, "Sonny", Myrtle, Benjamin and Irene

Anastacio Dalde, a handsome and suave Visayan man, organized a “one-of-a-kind” Lana’i women’s string orchestra in the 1930’s. The bass player was an attractive Ilocana girl by the name of Trinidad Caluya.  A romance blossomed and soon they were married at the Sacred Hearts Catholic Church on Lanai in October 1939.

As far as I can remember, our parents better known as “Tacio and Trining,” were business-minded.  I vividly remember a picture of our dad in the front yard of our home at Caldwell Avenue.  He posed as a salesman, smartly dressed in a custom-fitted suit with a hat and a brief case. Dad sold tailor-made men’s suits and hats. I also remember our mother’s stories of when she was a youngster, helping the family’s income by selling goodies made by our grandmother Caluya. Thus it groomed her to become a sales person selling women’s dresses, hats and Avon® in our family owned barbershop in the 1950’s to early 1960’s.

In the 1920’s, the main employment on Lanai was working for Dole Pineapple Company who cultivated pineapples and made Lana’i known as the World’s Largest Pineapple Plantation.  Dad was not only a field hand; he was a luna or supervisor. To me, our dad was gifted and special because he was bilingual. He not only spoke English.  He spoke three dialects of the Filipino language–Visayan, Ilocano, and Tagalog. His multi-linguistic ability was a valuable asset to the company because most of the Filipino employees spoke either Ilocano or Visayan and it was necessary for the luna to be able to communicate in English on an administrative level and speak the language of those who worked in the fields.

While raising five children (Irene, Myrtle, Benjamin, Anastacio Jr. “Sonny”, and Joice “Darlene”), Dad and Mom were actively involved in many community activities including the Cub Scouts of America, Men’s Baseball League, Little League and many Catholic Church activities. Dad was also a member of the Lion’s Club and our parents were members of the Chamber of Commerce. In 1958, a rare opportunity was offered when the Dole Pineapple Company decided to lease its multi-entertainment entity to a private businessman. That was the beginning of Dalde’s Enterprise. This was our father’s ultimate dream… to be a true entrepreneur.

Dalde’s Enterprise consisted of Lanai’s bowling alley, a billiard parlor, a snack bar and the movie theatre.  Our mom’s sister, Lurita Viduya, Sr. aka Loretta, worked as a cashier at the theatre in the evenings, mom’s brother, Benny Caluya, was the projectionist at the theatre, while his wife Carmen was the usherette.  Mom’s younger sister, Flora (Garalde) Narito worked in the snack bar at the bowling alley with our mother. It turned out to be a very successful family  venture.

In the 1960’s,  mom and dad retired from operating the various  businesses and  moved to California.  They spent their retirement years traveling and enjoying their grandchildren and great grandchildren on the mainland. Dad, an avid LA Dodger fan, attended many games at the Dodger’s Stadium and witnessed the Dodgers play and win the 1981 World Series. Some of the highlights of their travels were to the Philippines, to the l986 World’s Fair (Expo ’86) in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, camping throughout the Western states and numerous visits to Santa Anita Track and to Las Vegas, Nevada. They celebrated 50 years of marriage bliss until dad died in late 1989 and subsequently, mom died in 1996.  Today, their survivors of  five children, 13 grandchildren, and 13 great grandchildren, strive to perpetuate and carry on the legacy of our beloved Tacio and Trining Dalde.

2011 LACA Calendar of Events

Scholarship applications available at Lana’i High and Elementary School
$1,000 Thomas Roy Nunotani Scholarship
$1,000 Suzanne Pascua Damian Vocational Scholarship
$1,000 Kiyoshi Minami Student/Class Project grants awarded to Lana’i High School

Lana’i Connection newsletter distributed
2/9 – Board Mtg. at 1064 Sand Island Parkway

3/9 – Board Mtg. at 1064 Sand Island Parkway
3/11 – Scholarship applications due to Principal Pierce Myers
3/28 – Mail sign-up form and payment to LACA for: LACA Annual Membership Social, Pearl Country Club ,“In Appreciation of Health Care Providers”

4/15 – Lana’i Committee selects scholarship recipients
4/17 – LACA Annual Membership Social, Dr. Daniel Anbe, cardiologist will be the guest speaker

5/11 – Board Meeting, 1064 Sand Island Parkway
5/20 – LACA scholarships presented at Lana’i High School Awards Assembly
5/31 – Project Reports and receipts are due from recipients of the Kiyoshi Minami Student or Class Project Grant

6/1 – New fiscal year

7/5 – Newsletter deadline for articles/photo, Email info [at] lanaiconnection.com

Lana’i Connection newsletter distributed
8/10 – Board Meeting, 1064 Sand Island Parkway

9/14 – Board Meeting, 1064 Sand Island Parkway

10/1 – LACA Las Vegas Connection, Ohana/Maile Room

No board meeting

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

In Appreciation of Health Care Providers

The Lanai Alumni and Community Association cordially invites you to the Annual Membership Social on Sunday April 17, 2011 designated as “In Appreciation of Health Care Providers.” Health Care Providers, please spread the good news by calling your colleagues.

This event would be an opportune time to mingle and share experiences with individuals as well as with the offspring of Lanaians in the health/wellness occupations. In the spirit of thanksgiving, we can express our gratitude for services rendered. Many times acknowledgments are made at memorial services to those who provided solace and vital assistance in our times of need but they are not present at the services.

Dr. Daniel Anbe, who served as Chief, Division of Cardiology at McLaren Medical Center in Flint, Michigan, will be the guest speaker. Co-chairs Jean Piena and Rosita Hueu welcome volunteers to assist in carrying out the activities. Call Jean at 845-8651 or Rosita at 455-7605.

Come and enjoy the day bidding on raffle items, having a sumptuous lunch, ono desserts, delightful entertainment, and best of all revel in Lana’i fellowship! Be seein’ ya!