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A New Chapter

by Rosita Viduya Hueu

My service to the Lana’i Alumni and Community Association as past president for seven years and advisor for two years has truly been an exhilarating and an enriching experience.  I hope I have served with humility and to your satisfaction. At this time, I bid you a fond aloha.  I have decided to add a new chapter in my Book of Life. I’m looking forward to blissful moments in journeying generation to generation with my ohana and a continuance of  purposeful service to God, family and friends.
The following are several noteworthy facts I would like to share with you.

  • At the first meeting in 1995, there were one hundred members.  As of February 2011, LACA has a membership of 1,157.
  • In closing our account with PSHF, Lana’i High and Elementary School is the beneficiary of the balance of $9,358.
  • The LACA scholarships and Kiyoshi Mana Minami awards program will now be administered by Lana’i High and Elementary School (LHES) as long as LACA members continue to help in sustaining the program through generous donations.
  • LHES will be responsible in maintaining record of donations as LACA ends its Contributory Club Categories.
  • LACA has existed for sixteen years because of the efficient implementation of guidelines for the various programs and activities by essential coordinators,  networks, member volunteers, and non-members.

LACA owes a debt of gratitude:

  • to past administrations and directors
  • to entertainers who unselfishly gave of their time and talents at events either at no charge, or at minimal cost in Las Vegas, Oahu, Lana’i and Maui.
  • to its members, Lana’i retailers and supporters (non Lanaians).
  • Lana’i Invitational Golfers for their LACA Fund annual donation derived from their Putting Contest.
  • to Robert Kinoshita, owner and president of Kula Sand, LLC, who has provided resources and the use of a modular building at 1064 Sand Island Parkway as “Home for the Lana’i Alumni and Community Association” and a sanctuary for Lanaians.

My heartfelt mahalo nui loa and love to my relatives and family for their unconditional support, personal sacrifices, and especially to my husband Jacob Hueu who has been my tower of strength from the 1980’s with the Lana’i Alumni Association which evolved in 1995 into the Lana’i Alumni and Community Association.

To each of you, thank you very much for your friendship, trust, and confidence through the decades! Best wishes, good luck, and much success to the board of directors and general membership in LACA’s future endeavors!

2011-2012 LACA Calendar of Events


22    LACA Las Vegas Connection payment/sign up form due. General Chair: Suzanne Pascua Damian, phone (808) 292-7435

14    6:00 p.m. Board Meeting, 1064 Sand Island Parkway. Prospective directors invited to attend the meeting. Facilitator:  Suzanne Damian.

1    8:00-10:00 a.m Saturday, Pasta Pirate in Las Vegas. Contact Persons pick up table reservations

6:00-10:00 p.m. Saturday, Ohana/Maile Banquet Room – LACA Las Vegas Connection

November – December
No board meeting


No board meeting
5    Deadline for newsletter articles

8    6:00 p.m. Board Meeting, 1064 Sand Island Parkway. Facilitator: Marge Asato.

14    6:00 p.m. Board Meeting, 1064 Sand Island Parkway. Facilitator: Monica Cockett.

Incoming directors
1    Deadline for sign up form/payment for Annual Membership Social

15    “Education Appreciation” social, Pearl Country Club: 10:00 a.m – 2:00 p.m. Chairman:  Jean Piena

6    6:00 p.m. Board Meeting, 1064 Sand Island Parkway. Facilitator: Bruno Oroyan.

Plans by the Maui Lana’i Connection network:
25    Waikapu Community Center. Chairperson:  Marian Ching

26    Maui Tropical Plantation
Co-Chairs: Nani Watanabe, Ricky Macabio
Golf:  Coordinators: Bill Ruidas, Tessie Desha

27    Lana’i Trip
Co-Chairs: Helen Tabura, Dorothy Tan

Our Latest LACA Fund Contributors

Many thanks for your continued support which pays for the association’s operational expenses.  Several donors have contributed in commemoration of significant milestones or in memory of loved ones, friends, or classmates.

Rodrigo & Esther Balderas
Hatsue Higa in memory of Suki Mary Ellen Nakoa and LACA Fund donation
Robert Kinoshita
Walter Manriki
Nona Armstrong Minami
Irene Masocol Pacol
Sueko Oyama Saki
*Kay K.  Hokama: in memory of classmate Alfred Leonillo
* Note:  Our apologies to Kay for overlooking listing in the February issue a memorial donation she made in loving memory of the class of 1946 classmates Ellen Tamura Watanabe and Tai Soon Lee
Willam Olsen in loving memory of Charlotte Olsen
Nancy Lantz
Sakae N. Loo
Setsuko Hashimoto
Gerarda Janowski
Rowena Jean Belez
Aileen Kuboyama in memory of late husband Edward Kuboyama, class of 1950 LHS Teacher in the 1960’s
Wayne Kim in memory of Nani Kanipae Wilson, class of 1963

Click for more information on how to contribute. We appreciate your support!

2011 Annual Membership Social

Our thanks to the following for their part in the enjoyable luncheon “In Appreciation of Health Care Providers” on April 17 at Pearl Country Club:

Emcee:  Robert Viduya
Guest Speaker: Dr. Daniel Anbe, cardiologist
H4 Entertainers: John Kauwenaole, Stacy Forges, Darin Nihipali, Jeff Williams
Invocations: Kepa Maly, Jane Sakamura Nakamura
Lana’i Culture & Heritage Center Update:  Kepa Maly, Executive Director
Silent Auction: Jean Piena, Ruth Matsui Teraoka, Ruth Fukushima Nakasone
LACA Update:  Rosita Viduya Hueu
:  Robbie Hueu Bunda, Kisha Carlos
Dessert coordinator:  Suzanne Pascua Damian
Photography:  Donna Uyeda Canyon, Briana Clymer
Hospitality:  Eleanor Bayron Ozoa, Jacob Hueu
Song Leader:  Eleanor Bayron Ozoa
Co-chairs:  Jean Piena, Rosita Hueu
Pearl Country Club:  Joe Fernandez and catering staff
Celebrants: Health Care Professionals
Mini-class reunions for 1951, 1952, 1953

See photos from this event by clicking on this link to see a slideshow of images.

Board of Directors

Volunteers are critically needed as term expiration dates draw near for the following  directors:

2012:  Coochie Tanodra Cayan, Linda Pascua Degamo, Susana Sanches Kincaid
2013:  Marge Morita Asato, Donna Reyes Ching, Monica Cockett, Suzanne Pascua Damian, Ruth Fukushima Nakasone, Nickie Morita Oshiro, Jean Piena, Bill Ruidas

LACA Ladies

Photo courtesy of Juan Degamo

Gloria Goring Lopez, Linda Degamo, Angie Perez attended the LHS Alumni 1970-1980 Throwback Dance Party III at the old bowling alley and recruited attendees to sign up for lifetime membership in the Lana’i Alumni and Community Association (LACA).  Way to go, ladies! Many thanks also to Susana Kincaid in mailing the applications to LACA.

Living Aloha

In the spirit of aloha and giving, we would like to thank those who have impacted LACA through their generous financial contributions and exemplary service.

Club Members in the various donors categories:
up to $99 – Contributors
$100 up – Century Pineapple
$500 up – Golden Pineapple
$1,000 up – Lanaihale
$5,000 up – Silver
$10,000 up – Platinum
$15,000 up – Diamond

Distinguished Member Awardees:
1995 – Thomas Roy Nunotani, Founder (deceased)
2003 – Dr. Daniel Anbe, Kiyoshi Mana Minami (deceased)
2005 – Nona Armstron Minami, *Robert Kinoshita
2006 – Nickie Morita Oshiro, Jacob Kalawaianui Hueu, Rosita Viduya Hueu, Karol Nakamatsu Duesendchon: Honorary Member, non-Lanaian
2008 – *Suzanne Pascua Damian, Donna Shiroma-Nakasue: Honorary Member, non-Lanaian
2009 – Pierce Myers

*    LACA Benefactors

2012 LACA-Maui Connection Planning Meeting

Taken at Marian Chings Home – our Maui Meeting Center

 L-R: Lara Enfield, Lala Cabalo Enfield, Violet Enfield Johns  Back: Gloria Obado Reyes (Publicity), Ale Arao, Helena Tabura, Dottie Mapano Tan (Trea.)  Back: Amy Ruidas (Secretary), Joe Recamara, Lily Felomino, Ricky Macabio (co-Chair), Nani Kwon Watanabe (Co-Chair), Miles Watanabe, Vicky Recouperto.

The LACA-Maui Connection Committee (LACA-Maui) reconvened on July 3, 2011 at Marian Ching’s home to begin planning for the 2012 LACA-Maui Connection Reunion.  The reunion date is for next year on May 25, 26 and 27, 2012 at Maui Island.

The Planning Committee is composed of officers:  Chairwoman Nani Kwon Watanabe, Co-chair Ricky Macabio, Treasurer Dorothy Tan and Secretary Amy Ruidas.   Planning committee members include but not limited to the following good folks:  Marian Ching, Ale Arao, Makani Tabura, Helen Tabura, Tina Caberto, Gloria Reyes, Amy and Bill Ruidas, Nani Watanabe, and Sonny Dalde.  Others are volunteering to do committee work for music, food, facility, golf tourney, day trip to Lana’i, and so on.

The calendar of events for each day is being developed by the Planning Committee for each day’s activities, food and places to convene.  If you plan to attend, mark your calendar and note it is a three-day weekend.  The Lana’i Connection will keep you updated through the newspaper and the on-line website once the schedule is finalized.

The next planning committee meeting will be on September 23, 2011 at the 3:00 p.m. at the Four Seasons Lodge @ Koele (subject to change).