Living Aloha

In the spirit of aloha and giving, we would like to thank those who have impacted LACA through their generous financial contributions and exemplary service.

Club Members in the various donors categories:
up to $99 – Contributors
$100 up – Century Pineapple
$500 up – Golden Pineapple
$1,000 up – Lanaihale
$5,000 up – Silver
$10,000 up – Platinum
$15,000 up – Diamond

Distinguished Member Awardees:
1995 – Thomas Roy Nunotani, Founder (deceased)
2003 – Dr. Daniel Anbe, Kiyoshi Mana Minami (deceased)
2005 – Nona Armstron Minami, *Robert Kinoshita
2006 – Nickie Morita Oshiro, Jacob Kalawaianui Hueu, Rosita Viduya Hueu, Karol Nakamatsu Duesendchon: Honorary Member, non-Lanaian
2008 – *Suzanne Pascua Damian, Donna Shiroma-Nakasue: Honorary Member, non-Lanaian
2009 – Pierce Myers

*    LACA Benefactors

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