Our Latest LACA Fund Contributors

Many thanks for your continued support which pays for the association’s operational expenses.  Several donors have contributed in commemoration of significant milestones or in memory of loved ones, friends, or classmates.

Rodrigo & Esther Balderas
Hatsue Higa in memory of Suki Mary Ellen Nakoa and LACA Fund donation
Robert Kinoshita
Walter Manriki
Nona Armstrong Minami
Irene Masocol Pacol
Sueko Oyama Saki
*Kay K.  Hokama: in memory of classmate Alfred Leonillo
* Note:  Our apologies to Kay for overlooking listing in the February issue a memorial donation she made in loving memory of the class of 1946 classmates Ellen Tamura Watanabe and Tai Soon Lee
Willam Olsen in loving memory of Charlotte Olsen
Nancy Lantz
Sakae N. Loo
Setsuko Hashimoto
Gerarda Janowski
Rowena Jean Belez
Aileen Kuboyama in memory of late husband Edward Kuboyama, class of 1950 LHS Teacher in the 1960’s
Wayne Kim in memory of Nani Kanipae Wilson, class of 1963

Click for more information on how to contribute. We appreciate your support!

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