Class of ’52 Meeting (May 2014)

By Richard Kawakami

Meeting was held at MFC, May 21st at 11:00 am. Present were Stanley, Mildred, Mitsue, Takeko, George, Richard and Jane Okimoto whom we have not seen since 2013. Not present; Marcellino

The following items were discussed: 

Mildred brought a delicious cake, Stanley brought a large box of my favorite Manapua, Jane brought assorted Sushi (Tuna, Shrimp, Sea Urchin Eggs, Octopus) and fried Chicken on a skewer. She also shared her Miso Soup and Salad, Richard ate most of the sushi. Richard brought some spinach from his garden and surprised that everyone seems to prefer it over the donuts that he usually bring to the meeting. Everyone seems to be eating healthier food in our old age. I still love donuts.

We celebrated Stanley’s 80th birthday with a Bavarian Lemon Cake from Victor Benes that Mildred bought. We didn’t sing happy birthday to Stanley because he didn’t wear a Lei like the lady from Kauai next door. The ’55 grads from Kauai were sitting next to us and planning their Class Reunion and having a great time. Also, happy birthday to Millie, our classmate in Hawaii. A lady from Lanai (Rivera?) was with them because her husband Richard was from Kauai. George seemed to know them.

Travel News: Stanley just returned from Vegas, Mitsue is going there in May, Takeko is headed for Hawaii to attend a wedding, Jane is going to Harrah’s Indian Casino on Friday and Richard is going to VV and Pala Indian Casino next week. Mitsue wanted to go there too but very inconvenient for her daughter to take her from Temecula. Jane has a tiny green frog in her wallet. Richard has a 4 inch frog doll that travels to all the casinos and one in his front yard. Superstitious–NO. George returned from Hawaii after spending 10 days there. He said the weather was great. 

Garden News: Richard’s cucumbers are producing enough to make a weekly Kim Chee supply. Several zucchinis are about 5 inches long. Spinach are growing like weeds. Tomato plants are ready for church.

Jane requested that we go to another restaurant next month. Stanley mentioned that the Spot Restaurant next door to the place he picked up the manapua was pretty good. He enjoys oxtail soup that is a special on Tuesdays.

Takeko is deciding if she wanted to volunteer to co-chair for a Christmas program for their group. It involves making 12 items for the 12 days of Christmas with a Hawaiian theme. She was looking for an octopus as one of the items but concerned about the smell. Sounds like a lot of work but she did a similar project last year. I guess retired teachers (Ruth, Jane, Hattie, Stanley O, Richard M) still enjoy making crafts–maybe.

Mitsue spent awhile in Marukai but didn’t buy anything. Very shocking news because her cart was usually full in the past. She mentioned that she rarely cooks now that she lives alone.

Other News: Faulty GPS, Korean dramas, Marukai membership cards, dirty slot machines, old people, smokers, health.

Next meeting will be at the Spot Restaurant in Carson on June 18th.

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