Class of 1953 Alumni News

By Rosita Viduya Hueu

Our heartfelt thank you to Roger and Helen (Yamato) Vaughn of New Mexico for their recent donation to our class fund and to Earl Honda for his continuous service since 1953 as class treasurer.

Friendship is one of life’s greatest blessings.  We hold dear not only the memories of classmates who have died but also their late spouses.  They have passed on but are not forgotten.  We are grateful to those who supported, gave generously, and participated in our class activities.  Thanks for the memories.  (Names of deceased classmates were listed in the February issue of the Lanai Connection.)

Mercedes Godinez (Robert Godinez, Oahu)

Ron Kula (Rufina Rabbon, Molokai & Texas)

Vicente Ozoa (Eleanor Bayron, Lanai)

Richard Smith (Shirley Nunotani, New Mexico)

Masa Higa (Marianne Teruya, Oahu)

Our apologies for any omission.

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