Images of Lana’i

by Albert De Jetley

Fresh off the press is a new book called “Images of Lana’i” written and compiled by Lanaian writer, journalist, farmer, business woman Alberta De Jetley.  This book will evoke nostalgic memories of Lana’i past and present chronicled in photographs.

Folks may order by mail by sending your orders  to Lanai Today, P.O. Box 630601, Lanai, HI 96763.  The cost of the book is $21.99 with tax of 92 cents, totaling $22.91.  For more than one book, please add tax of 4.166% to the order.  No tax on the postage.  Postage for mailing one to three copies of it in a priority envelope is $5.75.  Please add the postage to the book total.

Alberta notes that “…If people want the book to have a personalized inscription with my autograph, please let me know the names of the people they want the books for…”

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