The Evolution of the Lanai Alumni and Community Association

by Rosita Viduya Hueu

In commemoration of LACA’S 20th anniversary, a historical book, “The Evolution of the Lanai Alumni and Community Association” has been published.  The book is a repository of the first twenty years of the people and activities involved in fulfilling the association’s vision and purposes.

09_book PierreEarlier this year, complimentary copies were presented by LACA Director Susana Sanchez Kincaid to Lanai High and Elementary School, the Lanai Culture and Heritage Center, the Lanai Public Library, and to the Lanai Senior Center.

This historical book links the past twenty years to the present and as a symbolic beacon lighting the path for the Lanai Alumni and Community Association (LACA).  It is a historical recollection of LACA founder, Thomas Roy Nunotani’s era from the 1980’s to 1994; then to the official organizing of LACA on May 21, 1995.

This project is funded by a private entity, Kula Sand, LLC, dba Honolulu Container Storage Rentals.  The owner and president, Robert Kinoshita, class of 1950.  The first board of directors was comprised of President Robert Kinoshita, Vice-President Rosita Viduya Hueu,  Secretary Tina Mendes, Treasurer Randy Sanches with Donna Reyes Ching (2015 outgoing treasurer/newsletter editor), Gloria Obado Reyes (Maui Lanai Connection) and Donna Shiroma Nakasue (webmaster/designer).  Our profound thank you to Robert for his financial support which enabled the committee to publish the book.

Kula Sand, LLC will donate proceeds from this venture to the Lanai Alumni and Community Association.  Donna Reyes Ching is managing the financial aspect for the publication of the book.  There is a limited quantity of books being published.

Essential supporters providing assistance in this project are:  Lana’i LACA directors Susana Sanchez Kincaid, Linda Pascua Degamo, Maggie Masicampo of the Lanai Senior Center, Jane Garalde Primicias of California Network,  Jay Reponte, Robert Viduya, Couriers Vince Reyes, Bill and Laraine Avery, and Jacob Hueu.

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