November 2015 Newsletter

November 2015 (Vol. 38, Issue 1)

The Lana’i Connection is published twice a year (April and November) to inform members of the purposes of the Lana’i Alumni and Community Association (LACA).  Mahalo to all contributors!

Articles and photos may be submitted by no later than a month prior to publication via email to  or via mail at LACA, P.O. Box 515, Pearl City, Hawaii  96782.  We reserve the right to edit and or accept any article before publication.

Editor:  Coochie Tanodra Cayan

Copyreader:   Monica Cockett

Designer/Webmaster:   Donna Shiroma Nakasue

LACA MEMBERSHIP is only $10.00 for your lifetime.  Membership is open to all alumni, residents and community supporters.  Email for more info and how to apply for membership

The LACA Scholarship Fund is now handled at Lanai High School.  All donations at this time to the LACA are not tax deductible.  The LACA is working towards a non-profit status to assure your donations may be tax deductible in the future.  LACA scholarships are awarded at the annual LHES Awards Assembly in May by board representatives.  Your checks should indicate it is for the LHES scholarship fund.  Mahalo nui loa for your consideration!

HOW TO CONTACT LACA BOARD OF DIRECTORS:  You may write to the LACA at P.O.Box 515, Pearl City, HI  96782 or via email at


Co-chairman:  Monica Cockett and Coochie Tanodra Cayan

Treasurer:       Ruth Nakasone

Secretary:       Coochie Cayan

Directors:    Marge Asato, Susanne Damian, Bruno Oroyan, Linda Degamo (Lana’i), Suzanna Kincaid (Lana’i), Bill Ruidas (Maui Connection).

The board is seeking interested members to serve voluntarily with a focus on expanding the number of Lana’i directors.  Please write or email your interest in volunteering.  Mahalo nui loa.

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