June 2017 (Vol. 41, Issue 1)

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The Lana’i Connection is published twice a year (April and November) to inform members of the purposes of the Lana’i Alumni and Community Association (LACA).

Articles and photos may be submitted by no later than a month prior to publication via email to info@lanaiconnection.com  or via mail at LACA, P.O. Box 515, Pearl City, Hawaii  96782.  We reserve the right to edit and or accept any article before publication.

Editor:                Coochie Tanodra Cayan

Copyreader:       Monica Cockett

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LACA MEMBERSHIP is only $10.00 for your lifetime.  Membership is open to all alumni, residents and community supporters.  Email for more info and how to apply for membership info@lanaiconnection.com or go to website lanaiconnection.com/blog.

The LACA Scholarship Fund are sent by the board of directors to Lanai High School for the yearly awards.  All donations at this time to the LACA are not tax deductible.  The LACA is working towards a non-profit status to assure your donations may be tax deductible in the future.  LACA scholarships are awarded at the annual LHES Awards Assembly in May by board representatives.  Your checks should indicate it is for the LHES scholarship fund.  Mahalo nui loa for your consideration!

HOW TO CONTACT LACA BOARD OF DIRECTORS:  You may write to the LACA at P.O.Box 515, Pearl City, HI  96782 or via email at info@lanaiconnection.com


Co-chairman:  Monica Cockett and Coochie Tanodra Cayan

Treasurer:       Ruth Nakasone

Secretary:       Coochie Cayan

Directors:      Marge Asato, Susanne Damian, Marilyn Fernandez, Norante Fernandez, Bruno Oroyan, Linda Degamo (Lana’i), Suzanna Kincaid (Lana’i), Bill Ruidas (Maui Connection).

LOVE & LOYALTY Theme at 2017 LACA Luncheon

Aloha kakou. The upcoming LACA Scholarship Luncheon is scheduled for Saturday, September 23, 2017 at the California Hotel’s Ohana Room from noon to four. The program includes Hawaiian musician Ikaika Brown and a Talk Story session. The onolicious luncheon buffet will be offered again. All guests will receive a hand crafted “Lana’i” token of appreciation.

The Scholarship Luncheon has been able to revive the Lana’i High & Elementary School (LHES) waning scholarship funds for deserving seniors and some of the sports teams costs. All monies raised from the Luncheon and the Silent Auction goes directly to LHES.

This year’s theme is “Lana’i – Love & Loyalty.” Come and share your favorite memories of Lana’i during the Talk Story portion – sure to be nostalgic and funny! See back of this newsletter for your registration form. See you there!

The Historic Lana’i Gym

The historic Lana’i gym was the center of years of basketball games, May Day programs, Graduations and most community events since it was built in 1938-1939 by Hawaiian Pineapple Company and or an independent contractor. The Old Gym continues to be a hive of activity for after school programs and community events.

Echoes of the Lana’i Alma Mater and cheers for the Pine Lads linger in the memories of alumni who visit the gym today to watch the next generation of youth sports. One alumni remarked how it was a thrill to climb the ladder to the score board despite it being off limits to all children.

Today, all school sports and events are held in the new gym named after the late community leader Pedro Dela Cruz. Share your favorite memories of the Old Gym and your best stories of living on Lana’i at this year’s September LACA luncheon.