The Historic Lana’i Gym

The historic Lana’i gym was the center of years of basketball games, May Day programs, Graduations and most community events since it was built in 1938-1939 by Hawaiian Pineapple Company and or an independent contractor. The Old Gym continues to be a hive of activity for after school programs and community events.

Echoes of the Lana’i Alma Mater and cheers for the Pine Lads linger in the memories of alumni who visit the gym today to watch the next generation of youth sports. One alumni remarked how it was a thrill to climb the ladder to the score board despite it being off limits to all children.

Today, all school sports and events are held in the new gym named after the late community leader Pedro Dela Cruz. Share your favorite memories of the Old Gym and your best stories of living on Lana’i at this year’s September LACA luncheon.


One thought on “The Historic Lana’i Gym”

  1. I remember playing basketball there for the first time in front of a crowd. I was petrified; couldn’t move. I remember seeing a visiting team from island of Hawaii. He was 6′-0″ tall. He seemed like a giant.

    Now, here in Kansas City, we see teams with as many as three seven footers. Manute Bol’s son was over 7′-2″ in high school. Many fond memories of growing up there. In hindsight the young baseball coaches were pretty good.

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