By Mae Morita Takata

Class of 1958 celebrated their 77th Birthday at the Main Street Station Buffet, in Las Vegas, on September 22, 2017.

Carol Ann Tsumura Fujimoto, made a beautiful ribbon Lei that looked like crown flowers. Each one of us received one.  I really felt special.

The Invocation in Hawaiian was given by Monica Cockett. We then gave tribute to our departed classmates as George Higa rang the bell, and Leroy Cabanilla read the 22 names.  What a beautiful tribute to our classmates.

Carol Ann our mistress of ceremony then announced Lunch was being served.  So much ono food to choose from, I forgot I was on a diet.  During lunch we talked about the good old school days and all the fun we use to have. We all felt truly blessed to be with one another at this age of lucky 77.

Then it was time to exchange gifts.  So much gifts given out to all. I thought it was an early Christmas or 77 years of saving up for today.  A great  time was had by all.  We are all looking forward to seeing each other again at LACA’s luncheon on Saturday.

My classmates were:  Carol Ann Tsumura Fujimoto, Jeri Hirayama Iba, Irene Dalde Seawright, Monica Cockett, Ernest and Bertha Paguy, George Higa, Leroy Cabanilla, and Andy Calunod.

A HUI HO, see you next year at LACA!

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