Lana’i Alumni News

  • The Class of 1958 gathered in September at the Main Street Hotel, Las Vegas to talk story, share a meal and recall Lana’i High memories. Classmates in attendance were Monica Cockett, Carol Ann Fujimoto Tsumura, Jeri Hiroyama Iba, Enigdio Jamero, Leroy Cabanilla, Irene Dalde Seawright, and Jerry Seawright.  Laughter and memories abounded as the classmates reminisced about the good old days and some kolohe times!
  • The Class of 1961 remembers their late classmate, Delores Darlene Cole Lanai (1943-2016) who lived on Lana’i for her Sophomore year with her grandparents, Rev. and Mrs. Tuttle. Darlene so loved Lana’i; she legally added it to her last name.
  • The Class of 1968 celebrated their 50th reunion on Lana’i with much talk story time, a golf tourney, a trek to Hulopo’e and several bountiful pot luck meals.  Folks travelled from New Mexico, California, Oregon and Hawaii nei.  The typical wintry rains of Lana’i appeared but did not dampen the high spirits of the CO’68. 
  • The Class of 1969 met on November 11th to plan their 50th class reunion for the latter part of 2019.  Classmates Bruce Matsuura, Wade and Bernie Tamashiro, Wayne Tamashiro, Sharon Hashimoto, and Coochie Cayan convened at the 99 Ranch to discuss possible venues, dates and places.  A survey of classmates via email and calls resulted in a probable reunion at the 2019 LACA event with a close second for meeting on Lana’i the weekend of the Pineapple Fest.  More information will be sent to all CO69-ers.
  • The Classes of 1969, 1970 and 1971 convened on November 17th at the Zippy’s Vineyard for an early breakfast and talk story session.  Early birds included Winona Masutani, Ray Tamashiro, Deborah Lee Eharis, Jo Ann Young, Joe Pat Au, Dorinda “Pinky” Blanko, Ricky Oyama, Coochie Cayan, Theron Fujie, Elaine Yamaguchi, Ricky Tamashiro.  These informal quarterly breakfasts convene to continue the Lana’i spirit of fellowship and remembering good fun memories.  Also, mahalo for the donations to the LACA Scholarship Fund from Ricky, Dot and Jo Ann.  Next breakfast fellowship in early 2019
  • Remember the Pinelads beat Punahou in 1956 (see LACA e-news, November 2017) in a memorable basketball game? One of the players, Dr. Ismael Naanep, is a retired physician in Des Moines, Iowa and his granddaughter, Cari Naanep is a notable athlete like her grandfather.  Cari won the 2018 Iowa Girls Tennis Tournament in Iowa City, and will be inducted into her school, Johnston High Hall of Fame.  Dr. Naanep was in the last immigrants of Filipinos in 1946 to join their families to work in Hawaii’s plantations. 

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