Lanai one team updates

by Coop DeRenne

The Lanai One Team group is moving on the final design for the building of a new batting cage/ field house for the high school baseball games. The following have provided much needed kokua:

  1. Shane Victorino and his foundation, through his right hand lady, Kari Uyehara, have provided expertise to our project. Thanks Shane and Kari!
  2. Architect, Charlie Palumbo, Pulama Lanai, has finalized our design and will see the project through its completion. Thanks Charlie!
  3. Lanai Community Association (LCA) has graciously allowed our Lanai One Team organization to be the “holding tank” for our donations. Thus, beginning today, if you want to make a tax write-off donation, please send to the following account: Lanai One Team Account, attn: Kay Okimoto, Lanai Community Association, P.O. Box 630763, Lanai City, HI 96763.
  4. Les Tamashiro will spearhead our major Honolulu fundraiser early in 2019 with details to be announced. Again, thanks to you all! God Bless!
  5. For details on the final design, please email Coop DeRenne at

The Lanai One Team has 43 sport-community members within our consortium that we started two years ago. Thank you all for your support, prayers, and friendship. This is the update from this past December I asked you all to pray for our mini-transportation crisis on Lanai with our athletic teams. Since Dollar Rental Car went out of business, we had no way to transport our student-athletes tothe airport and harbor.

Then God showed up! After much prayer and numerous phone calls leading to dead ends, on behalf of our school principal, Elton Kinoshita, and athletic director, Sumi, I was able to reach D.O.E.’s Maui County Director of Transportation, Robert Joseph. He led me to Hana School’s principal, Rick Paul and his Director of Transportation, Wailani “Lani” Nakooka, who both blessed us with a super used 14- passenger school bus. In addition, they will donate another bus to us this spring. Furthermore, Shane and Mike Victorino Jr., blessed us with a shipping waiver for the transportation fee. God orchestrated this bus transfer through wonderful people. That is how God works! We on Lanai thank you all for your support and prayers. God bless you all! With aloha, Coop.

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